Mauritania has one of the harshest laws against homosexuality in the world. Indeed, members of the LGBT community risk up to death penalty, as advised by the Sharia-inspired Mauritanian Penal Code (the death penalty has not been enforced de facto since 1987). Authorities go as far as refuting the existence of homosexuality in their country. Activists fight discreetly and cannot create a recognized association to defend LGBT rights in the country.

The topic of homosexuality is extremely taboo and controversial in society. With important family pressure, many of these young people have to fight arranged marriages they find themselves trapped in. But some decide to lead a double life as it is the price to pay to live in "peace".

Key facts about Mauritania's stance towards Homosexuality at the United Nations:
Mauritania did not sign the December 2008 UN declaration in support of LGBT rights. It is a signatory to the opposition statement which expresses disapproval towards the idea of LGBT rights.

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