Seif Kousmate

Seif KOUSMATE, born in 1988 in Essaouira, Morocco. At age 17, he moved to France, studied engineering, and began working in this sector after completing his master degree. A few years later, he decided to quit his corporate job and travel for 18 months around South-East Asia, Japan and Canada. He opened a photography traveling blog, sharing his stories and reporting his journey. This is how Seif entered the field and took the decision to build a career as a professional photographer. He followed  the « Seeing through Photographs » program offered by the MoMA of New York. At the late of 2016, Seif went back to his home country, and worked with a local production company on a story, reporting winter life in a remote village of the Atlas mountain. In 2017, Seif lived several weeks in the Gourougou mountains in order to report on the sub-Saharan migrants waiting to cross the border with Europe. 

In 2017 he was part of  NOOR-Nikon workshop with Pep Bonet & Kadir van Lohuizen,  during the Rencontres Prix Bayeux-Calvados prize meeting and festival for war correspondents.



Between Paris, FRANCE and Morocco



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